I call this a blog, but it’s really much less involved than that. It’s a teensy blog.

Sparks are seemingly small things: colors and light, music and moments, people and pets, thoughts and words. Just by their very being, they light me up a bit. They can cause a little smile, a thrill in my heart, a gasp, a tickle in my tummy, a burst of laughter, tears in my eyes, a tiny or full-body sigh. Whether it’s a stellar day or a sloggy one, sparks are what help me slow down and take note ~and~ what keep me scooting right along each day. I hope you’ll comment if something you see here resonates with you.


Spark 1: Gratitude

My first post simply must be about gratitude.  This website has been in the works for a long while, and the name change became clear to me about halfway through the process. Because life is life, we’ve had more than our share of starts and pauses, but everyone on the team that partnered with me to make this happen was patient, creative, smart and supportive. Mad props to Alex (website amazingness), Alison (marketing/social media and idea discusser), Stephanie (product photography), Cary (new name brainstormer and logo creator), Martha (my second set of eyes and basically my business therapist), my niecelet Sarah (who makes doing inventory over Zoom fun!), John (my favorite guy at the print shop), friends and family (so much), Juniper (reminding me to take breaks to go outside) and, while I’m at it, the first-graders who gave me a bottle of nail polish in this color. Even when it’s chipped – which is always – it still makes me happy.


Louisa Wimberger is the owner and designer of Bright Spark Paper, a small-batch greeting card and invitation studio in Northampton, Massachusetts. Originally inspired by her mom’s birthday calendar in the kitchen, she has loved choosing, writing, postage-stamping and sending cards since childhood. She has spent much of the last 20 years happily growing her own line of cards, and loves knowing that mailboxes are a little bit brighter when people send some thoughts and love to their favorite people.

Grown in Charlottesville, VA ❤️ Now in Northampton, MA

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