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I might be a little obsessed with postage stamps. I don’t collect them in albums or anything, but I love to take little breaks from my work – preferably while noshing on something tasty – to browse through the USPS website or one of their dreamy Philatelic catalogs (do you get one in the mail or do they make it just for me?). I pre-order the winter/holiday stamps (yup, sure do) so that I can get them in my hands and play as soon as they’re released. This year’s seasonal stamps work so well on this particular palette, I could just gaze at them all day.


Louisa Wimberger is the owner and designer of Bright Spark Paper, a small-batch greeting card and invitation studio in Northampton, Massachusetts. Originally inspired by her mom’s birthday calendar in the kitchen, she has loved choosing, writing, postage-stamping and sending cards since childhood. She has spent much of the last 20 years happily growing her own line of cards, and loves knowing that mailboxes are a little bit brighter when people send some thoughts and love to their favorite people.


I call this a blog, but it’s really much less involved than that. It’s a teensy blog.

Sparks are seemingly small things that light me up on the daily:
colors and light, music and moments, people and pets, thoughts and words.
Whether it’s a stellar day or a sloggy one, sparks are both what help me
slow down and take note *and* also inspire me to keep me scooting right along.

Here you’ll find glimpses into my studio life and personal life, both of which
can’t help weave their way into my work. Often they'll be my Instagram posts.
Feel free to comment if something here resonates with you and your own spark!

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