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A photo of Paul and David, a couple who ordered custom cards from Louisa for their anniversary, at their celebration party

"I married my partner on August 15 in our back yard. We had eight socially-distanced friends at tables, eight neighbors and children watching from the upstairs windows of their houses . . . and about 150 people live-streaming the ceremony. The reason I tell you this is because your "Top Two Things We Loved About Our Wedding" cards were perfect for our guests, and your batches of multicolored "thank you" notes were perfect for the dozens we had to write. Thanks!"

(Paul S & David M * Rhode Island)

"Today I used your therapist card and the one that says 'you're right here' with the heart. Please don't stop making cards. You say the right words for me always."

(Connie M * Virginia)

"Really love your cards. They spark joy simply by sending them!"

(Betsy M * Massachusetts)

"I love the new name and logo! I like that Bright Spark Paper says what you are."

(Valerie S * Massachusetts)

"Thank you for helping me keep in touch with folks I love - you make me appear far more clever and classy than I really am. Seriously."

(Susan C * Massachusetts)

"I wanted to send cards to the seniors I teach. They've been cheated of half their final semester and yet risen to the challenges, and I wanted to acknowledge that in a personal way. I love the personal emails from you and decided on the second order when you responded so promptly to the first."

(Jada B * Virginia)

"I am enjoying the cards so much. A friend of mine inspired me to send one piece of mail a day. It feels really good to tell people how you feel about them."

(Kristin M * Massachusetts)


"My cards arrived today, and I am delighted!"

(Lee N * Texas)

"I met you a couple of years ago and bought a bunch of your beautiful cards. Just last week, I sent out my last 'Breathe' card and it was so, so appreciated. I know how much I am comforted by receiving mail, and your messages are just perfect."

(Martha H * Massachusetts)

"Thank you, thank you so very much! I love your art and simplicity, and the paper is fabulous."

(Lynanne N * Massachusetts)


"My friend Jody absolutely adored the cards I had you send for Mother's Day, so thank you!"

(Lauren F * California)

"Thank you for your cards! I saw some of your cards in the Circle Yoga studio shop that I've been going to for over 10 years. I noticed the cards among the eye pillows and yoga mats (the one that caught my eye was about wanting to sit next to you) and then went to your site to see more of the designs.  I will keep buying them at Circle Yoga, but I loved so many that I wanted to get some of the sets from you!"

(Kate M * Washington, D.C.)

"Thank you very much! The engagement card is for a friend who loved reading your cards when we went to UVA. I couldn't be more excited to use one of your cards to finally celebrate!"

(Jackson W * New Hampshire)

"Your shop actually inspired me to just buy greeting cards that I thought were cute and keep them in stock."
(Tara R * New York)

"You are such a treat to work with. The cards exceeded my expectations and I love them. I believe that handwritten personalized notes mean more than any email message. I use them to tell people I care about what a treasure they are or what an impact they had on me. You're now part of that mission!. You have a special gift."

(Jim H * North Carolina)

"I bought a bunch of your cards at a shop recently. I love keeping a stockpile so I have them ready for any occasion."

(Ashley B * Virginia)


"Received the cards yesterday. They're wonderful as I knew they would be."

(Martha P * Connecticut)

"Wanted to let you know that I have had many people reach out to me to tell me that our card is their favorite. Thank you for helping us put together such a unique and memorable card."

(Alex C * Massachusetts)

"Your beautiful cards arrived yesterday . . . What was a last-minute thought on my part just might be her favorite Christmas gift!"

(Barb E * Washington)


"Thank you! The invitations came out beautifully! Appreciate al of your hand-holding and patience!"

(Deborah G * Massachusetts)

"Thanks, always, for all your help and beautiful designs! We get so many compliments at our store and I love mentioning how a Ramsey native makes them."

(Stephanie B * New Jersey)

(Owner of Allendale Flowers)


"Super stuff. Brilliant Cards. Love the colours, the fonts and the wit. Keep it up."

(Dan B * Oregon)

"[My husband, an art critic] is a real 'be here now' guy and decided today he wanted to send cards to some of the folks he’s been working with this fall. Today (December 17). I love him so much. Such a gift to see a totally different way of being in the world. He was hoping for some Paul Klee cards from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sold out. I suggested [your cards]. You would have loved to see how he lit up. Ta da!"

(Janet * New York)

"Happy, happy me! The cards arrived in today’s mail. They are the best! Please, don’t stop creating these fabulous cards."

(Stacy O * Colorado)


"I like your sympathy cards - they are simple and not at all cheesy. I've bought a bunch in person but just ran out, so happy to see them online. I've never been able to find other cards like them!"

(Ann B * Maine)

"Last month, we received the 'you are so totally great' card from a relative in New Jersey to thank us for a gift. My wife and I loved the card and yesterday I checked your website and found the closest store carrying your cards was in Pasadena where we don’t go too often. That’s when I decided to order several of your cards to use for thank you notes and to enclose gifts to people to make them feel special. Who wouldn’t smile when they received a card saying “Oh, you are so totally great"? Looking forward to using them and ordering others. Thanks, Happy New Year . . . and oh, you are so totally great!"

(Ted Z * California)

"Your cards are a big part of our shop. People are drawn to their messages."

(Joan W of Made It! * Massachusetts)


"I just received my cards . . . so beautiful and pristine as usual. I love your designs and workmanship. And the York peppermint patty was delicious! How did you know those little morsels are my favorite?"

(Linda M * New Jersey)

"My order just arrived and I wanted to let you know that the cards were worth the wait! Just what I was looking for - elegant and unique."

(Kathryn M. * Rhode Island)


"The way you addressed the box made a weary, run-down woman smile. I love the cards, too!"

(Caroline T * Massachusetts)

"Your work is beautiful, and the cards are so uplifting! I'm particularly in love with the red mixer . . . this may be my new go-to for cards to friends and family, as well as little note cards to the baked treats I've been creating and sharing with our neighbors . . ."

(Nancy C * California)

"I received the cards and they're perfect. Can't wait to send them to my mom, I know she'll love them. Also, certainly enjoyed the York peppermint patty. : )"

(Lauren F * California)

"These cards are exquisite and they make me so happy that I have to write notes to the people I love, tonight, just to show off their exquisiteness!"

(Marcy C. * Massachusetts)

"Everything arrived today!

It's all wonderful! I love the chocolate

and your note, too."

(Jane S * Massachusetts)

"It's so kismet that you checked in actually. Years ago you made a card with a section of the Obergerfell marriage equality case printed on the outside of the card. I’m currently located in D.C. and was looking for a card to leave at Justice Ginsburg’s memorial service and used that one as she was one of the Justices that voted in favor

of that opinion.

Thank you for sharing the beauty of your cards with me and with my loved ones!"

(Tara R * Massachusetts)

Grown in Charlottesville, VA ❤️ Now in Northampton, MA

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